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19” Ultra Lightweight Umbrella

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-Experience the ultimate in lightweight protection with this Ultra Lightweight Umbrella. This revolutionary umbrella combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional design, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in any weather.
-With a level 5 waterproof coating and hydrophobic water repellent beading, this umbrella effortlessly repels raindrops, keeping you dry even during heavy downpours. Its wind-resistant ribs are both flexible and durable, providing excellent resistance against strong gusts, ensuring your umbrella stays intact.
-Its 3D high-density vinyl construction blocks an impressive 99% of UV rays, safeguarding your skin from harmful sun damage. The umbrella even has a cooling effect, providing shade and comfort on hot, sunny days.

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Open : 50 x 92cm
Close : 22cm


Black/Beige/Sky Blue/Grey/Pink/Lavender Pink/ Light Green


30D vinyl