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Wheat Straw Drinking Cup

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This mug boasts a seamless molded design that blends simplicity and elegance with remarkable durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of outdoor excursions without breaking a sweat.

Perfectly adaptable for both indoor and outdoor settings, it’s a versatile companion whether you’re at home, attending parties, traveling, in school, or at the office. Its refined craftsmanship and frosted texture not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also guarantee a comfortable hold with its smooth edges.

What truly distinguishes this coffee mug is its unwavering commitment to safety and the environment. Crafted from food-grade materials and engineered to withstand high temperatures, it offers both security and eco-friendliness. Savor your favorite drinks with complete peace of mind in this chic and sustainable mug.

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15.5 x 7cm




Wheat Straw