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JisuLife Handheld Fan Life5

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Patented Turbocharged Airflow:JISULIFE Handheld Turbo Fan has 2 vortex tech patents: Air Turbo and Air Jet. The airflow is accelerated and compressed by the air duct turbine, the wind is stronger, and the wind feels closer to nature.

5 Gear Turbo Wind: JISULIFE Portable Handheld Fan Upgraded 5 gear turbo wind for potent cooling. You just simply press the power button to change the wind setting, short press to cycle switch low-speed (3300r/m) to high-speed (6100r/m), and long-press at any gear to turn it off.

16H Max Cooling Time: JISULIFE Hand Held Fan comes with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery(twice larger than a normal hand fan), which can provide 3-16 hrs duration (depending on different speeds). You can charge through a regular outlet, power bank, computer, or any other device with a USB port, it just 3 hrs to have a full recharge.

Powerful & Energy-efficient: JISULIFE Personal Handheld Fan features a high-performance motor and optimized air duct to improve wind power while minimizing noise. Compared to other handheld fans, it has a faster speed (6100 r/min) and stronger wind (4.8 m/s).

Handheld/Desktop Fan: JISULIFE Mini Handheld Fan comes with a lanyard and an anti-slip mat at the bottom, you can hang it around your hands as a handheld fan when outdoors and use it as a small desk fan on a flat table.

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15.25 x 6.35cm


Mint Green/White/Beige



Product Specification

Battery Capacity: 4500mAh/4000mAh
Noise Level: 40 dB
Charging Time: 4-5hrs
Operating Time: 5-16hrs
Connector Type: USB Type C